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“Pure It PK”is a leading solution provider to home and corporate sector at large, for all problems related water and boilers waste heat recovery, water purification units such as Based on Exchange Softeners, Reverse Osmosis system, De-mineralization of plants etc. We fulfilling customer satisfaction with wide range of quality products in water treatment field more than 14 years.

Why to Purchase Pure it PK

  • Pure It produces finest bottled water in accordance with standards of PSQCA & PFA.
  • Our water contains whlesome balance of essential minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Chlorides and Bicarbonates.
  • Pure it is Pakistan's first Low Sodium water.
  • Pure it water provides excellent refreshment and re-hydration after exercise and daily exertion due to its substantial mineral contents.
  • We only use Food Grade minerals.

“Pure It Pk” has its own quality team of engineers, Lab technicians, procurement, quality control and offered services.

“Pure It Pk” has the team of highly qualified and experienced engineers/technicians which provides focused & dedicated technical support services in all over the Pakistan. Our engineers perform the initial flushing/pickling/passivation of water recirculation pipe work and equipments. Moreover we have the Reverse Osmosis and De-mineralization of plants, which can be mobilize at site to meet “Purified water demand” during the line flushing and passivation procedure.  

“Pure It Pk” is a leading manufacturer of completely integrated RO & UF plants with engineering, installation & commissioning of more than 300 units in Pakistan. We have a fully equipped workshop to manufacturer containerized RO units & commission them anywhere in the world.

Water Testing Laboratory

With a large focus on quality, Our professional team of experts are highly involved in strengthening role of industry in ensuring safety of drinking water. Pure It also ensures the highest standards of water quality to maintain company rapport in market and win customer satisfaction.